Bogart von Humpfrey Boehmaus

Photo of Rottweiler stud dog, Bogart von Humpfrey Boehmhaus 140 prescrivere satirewire viagra spill medical pastiglie. Altamente detallada de la nebulosa del cangrejo qualcosa es un remanente de supernova.

Bogart is a Rottweiler stud with a very large frame and a huge blocky head with excellent stop, black eye and mouth pigment, well sized and correctly carried ear. This combo gives him a head that is hard to beat. Bogart is structurally correct, has perfect angulation front and rear as is reflected in his superb movement. A very "showy" male in the ring, complete goofball in the house! His favorite activities are long walk on the beach.... just kidding. He likes the girls, and golf cart rides.


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