Tony: Just wanted to take a moment to check in and let you know how happy we continue to be with our familyromancompanion – Roman. We welcomed Roman to the family after a tough loss and we have all been through quite a bit. In t he last several years there have been several changes. These changes have tested Roman and I believe you as an effective matchmaker. To put it simply, both have been proven to be successful beyond our expectations.

Since, we have moved across the country and had another family addition, our daughter Maria. Roman has always been incredibly obedient and loyal, but impresses me everyday around our daughter. His patience is only exceeded by his love for us. As a Veterinarian my wife uses Roman often as a clinic companion and service dog around the community. So again, Thank You.

Hi Tony! I do appreciate you thinking enough of me to have this very special girl. you are right she is beyond adjectives! she is high as a kite, confident, intelligent and beautiful all excellent qualities. she is in daycare today playing with a Brussell’s Griffon and yes you know it! she went in took all the toys and told Vito you want to play it is by my rules! ah she is beyond perfect! Thank You!

The statement you made to me about knowing your dogs is nothing but the truth!! Kajun won both days at Erie!! all different dogs from Tallmadge show. Thank You for the great picks on the Bea litter! I am sure you know already know but all the dogs I have purchased from you have your kennel name also. so your expertise makes us both look good!! as always I am proud and Thankful to have your stock and I will do my best to make them all they can be.

Tony, Well where do I begin, we now have 2 rotties from you Tony, the reason we came back was everything you said about your dogs is absolutely true. We have a son with autisim and our grandbaby living with us, we have yet to anything but love and laughter from our dogs, our rotts live with a mastiff, pit bull and a foo foo, they all get along so well, even welcome other dogs into our home. we have guests exclaim they cannot believe what a beautiful dog our Max is such an awesome temperament, we get comments everyday when Max is walked,” where did you get such a beautiful dog” is the most common. Our Max is a complete suck, he makes us laugh so much over his antics, is gentle kind and very loving. thank you so much for such a beautiful loving and even temperament dog. I recommend anyone looking for a Rottie to come to you, you don’t lie, you sold us exactly what we were looking for thanks again so very much.

Tony, Just wanted you to know what a great dog we have. Dutchess is the greatest companion in the world. She is so good with your two girls. Her tempermant is excellent. My other daughter just got a little dog and you would think Dutchess was its mother. Dutchess plays so nice with her. Dutchess is two year old and such a big part of our lives. Smart, loving and well behaved you can’t ask for anything more. Thanks to you and your family for Breeding such great dogs.

Tony – Just wanted to let you all know that Titan (one of Pashia’s) just passed his CGC training. He is now certified and we just sent off the paperwork to register this title with AKC. He did it all in just 6 weeks. Now off tot he advanced classes, then assist classes and eventually he will be visiting Childrens hospital and homes.

Kid friendly male Rottweiler.
Ducatti getting “decorated”.

Tony, Our 8 month old pup (Sargent) is a beautiful dog. He has a great disposition and has a personality that fits our family just as you recommended. As a note to potential owners, your entire process of purchasing a Rottie is superb. Throughout the phone discussions and your ability to pick out a pup that would fit a family, I can attest to the ease of the process. I would tell anyone that purchasing a dog, even without getting to come to your kennel is a secure and trustworthy experience. I would be happy to be a reference for you.

Tony, Mark from Chicago here. People seldom take time to show enough appreciation for a job well done. Well done Tony! Our VKW Rottweiler is everything we expected, and I set the bar high. Rhino is 17 weeks now and clearly understands his place in our family dynamics. He is not our first working dog or even our first Rottweiler but is by far the most intelligent and willing. Rhino is something of a neighborhood mascot in that he accompanies my wife and kids on the walk to and from school every day. Needless to say he is child friendly. Temperament is fantastic and
forgiving, no less would be acceptable for us. As for physical development, Rhino is a chip off the old blockhead  Proportionately correct and powerful looking even at this early age. We receive compliments where ever we take him, the vet, kennel club or town. Readers of this note should understand that VKW is a total program. My satisfaction is no coincidence. Several pre-purchase interviews insured that Tony and I were clear about my Rottweiler needs. I took my wife and four kids to the Vom Keiser Wappen kennel to take delivery of our dog. Tony spent a great deal of time introducing us to our puppy and quite frankly gave us a course in puppy bonding and management. We all met
Pasha (awesome in person) and were shown the kennel facilities. I recently called Tony with a diet question and he was happy to hear from us and I felt no question would be too trivial.

Tony, Guinness just turned a year old on Jan. 19th. He was a Marnie pup. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. He’s picked up training so quick. He gets along well with my dogs and other peoples dogs. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He was one of the best dogs I have had. As a canine trainer his temperament, the ease of training and he his devotion to me is exceptional. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Later on down the road if you guys are still breeding I will be getting another from you. Awesome dogs. I can’t wait to see the pups out of Gero!! Great
looking dog. Keep up the awesome work.

Tony – Wanted to write you a quick note and tell you that the puppy (Belle) we got from you still amazes us. We now have an 8 month old son and we can’t believe how great she is with him. They’re best buds now – she even lets him crawl all over her! She has been a great big sister from the moment we came home from the hospital and has never even shown a hint of aggression or jealousy. Keep up the great work!

Hi Tony, Thought you may like some pictures of Bella. She is the best Rottie I have ever owned. Every time I walk Kid friendly Rottweiler female, Belle.her someone stops me to tell me she is the most beautiful rot they have ever seen. In fact a few of my employees have pictures of her in their office. What a compliment! By the way she loved the snow!!!!!Will keep in touch.


I thought I would let you personally know what has been going on with Titan. We did graduate (not pass) the TOUCH therapy (Training Of Unique Canine Helpers) class with an AC2 level. This is Adult/Child level 2, and is the highest ranking we can graduate with. After 6 months of visits we can re-test to AC1 and PAWS for reading. PAWS is a opportunity for kids with speech and reading difficulties to read and visit with a dog. This is their reward and also a non judgmental audience during special classes to improve the reading and speech abilities of the struggling child.

As of right now, Titan is the only Rottweiler that has graduated with an AC2, we received an immediate recommendation to start PAWS and a special invitation to visit AC1/2 facilities. These facilities include special Titan is a PAWS dog, this is a opportunity for kids with speech and reading difficulties to read and visit with a dog. school district and abused children’s homes. I have also been told (off the record) that we are top conversation at Support Dogs, Inc. to be the next AC1 team at Children’s Hospital after passing our 6 month testing . We have also been invited to assist with new training classes. This is an extreme honor. There are many people involved in approvals at this level and it requires a very special dog. I have that dog. I think you and Denny should be extremely proud of this dog. I realize you produce beautiful, perfect and wonderful show dogs, but this seriously takes a very special type of dog. Most, no matter how beautiful and perfect, would not make it this far.

Titan has motivated me to continue volunteering with Support Dogs, Inc. and talking with them about employment after I retire from the fire department. I have only been whole heartily attached to one other Rottie and Titan has won me over with 10 times the love and companionship of any other dog. I am so proud to have him that I am tearing up writing this email. Thank you B. Gruendler

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