Puppy Shots & De-worming

Puppy Vaccinations

Puppy vaccinations are an important step needed to build a robust immune system in your new puppy. Vaccines help prevent contraction of  diseases like parvo, distemper, and rabies.

The Rottweiler has shown to be more susceptible to parvo than other breeds, so keeping your puppy away from areas of potential contamination until they have completed their shot schedule is extremely important.


Puppy shots are important to your pets health.VKW Rottweilers Inoculation Schedule

6 week shot- Duramune – Max 5

8 week shot- Duramune – Max 5

de-wormed at 3,5,7 weeks alternating pyrantel payomate, fenbendazole

Puppy Shots Still Needed

10 and 12 week 5 way inoculation.

Rabies anti-virus should be administered 4 months or per your veterinarians advise.

Lyme disease and kennel cough may be needed depending on region.


Yearly Inoculations

We do not re-inoculate every year. Instead we perform titer testing.


What is a vaccine titer?

The term titer refers to the strength or concentration of a substance in a solution. A blood titer test can identify the presence of antibodies present in your dog. This test will determine if a pet really needs a vaccine prior to it actually getting one.


Why do a titer test?

Recent findings have shown that we might be over vaccinating our pets. Studies have shown some harmful side effects of over vaccinating, including allergic reactions such as facial swelling, itching, cancerous tumors, autoimmune diseases such as anemia, platelet problems and joint disease has been linked as well.


Additional Information

We encourage our readers to do their own investigating on all matters pertaining to their pet’s health. Here are a few links with valuable information about canine immunity, inoculations, and titer testing.