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Beginning fall 2020 we will be updating puppy photos to Twitter.

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What our customers say

The statement you made to me about knowing your dogs is nothing but the truth!!  Kajun won both days at Erien against all different dogs from the Tallmadge Show. Your expertise makes us both look good!!  Thank You for the great picks on the litter!  As always I am proud and Thankful to have your stock!

Show Winner

We now have 2 Rottweilers from you and every thing you said about your dogs is absolutely true. We have yet to receive anything but love and laughter from our dogs, and they even welcome other dogs into our home. Thank you so much for such a beautiful loving and even temperament dog.  I recommend anyone looking for a Rottweiler to come to you.

Our Second Rottweiler

To put it simply, both have been proven to be successful beyond our expectations. Roman has always been incredibly obedient and loyal, but impresses me everyday around our daughter. His patience is only exceeded by his love for us. As a Veterinarian, my wife uses Roman often as a clinic companion and service dog around the community. So again, Thank You!

Veterinarian owned