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Vom Keiser Wappen German Rottweilers


We are long time breeders with German Rottweiler puppies for sale, Rottweiler puppy and Rottweiler dog importing. Breeding for the discriminating buyer that seeks only the best German bred Rottweilers. We have Rottweiler puppies and dogs for available to show, schutzhund, guarding and family companion homes. Visit our males page if you are seeking Rottweiler stud service. We believe Rottweilers are not complete without working ability. For this reason, we concentrate our breeding on German Rottweiler genetics. Our kennel breeds only very select dogs of substantial merit to produce extremely high quality  puppies that will hopefully mature to adult dogs capable of competing in any venue World Wide.


We are firm believers that the heart and soul of a breeding program lies in the females. Accordingly, we have sought out the highest quality females available both here stateside and from top European kennels.




Rottweiler puppy by VKW Rottweilers

Santo vom Keiser Wappen


Our Rottweilers are actively shown in the USRC, ARV, UCI and AKC... We have dedicated ourselves to raising and showing healthy dogs that approach the level of perfection prescribed by the ARDK Rottweiler breed standard. We work very hard to improve the quality of our dogs with each and every breeding. We breed first for our next show dog to campaign and any extra Rottweiler puppies will be placed in show or loving pet homes. You may easily see through our past and planned breedings that convenience and expense are not the criteria by which we base our breeding program. Recently, we made one of only a few dual-sire breedings ever in the Rottweiler breed. Today we are one of only a few breeders shipping our females to Europe for breeding with the top Rottweiler studs in Germany.


Our breeding program is consistently producing Rottweilers with the extraordinary heads that we all so desire in the Rottweiler. We have puppies available soon for show, schutzhund, and family pet homes.....See our "Rottweiler Puppies Page" for details.


We only breed Rottweilers which have been evaluated by the OFA, OVC, Penn Hip or equivalent  to have a Good or Excellent hip configuration and our Rottweiler puppies are backed by our written puppy guarantee. All of our offspring come with lifetime breeder support!


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